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NSB Prarthana Savings Certificates are for all those who wish their children to have a bright and secure future. Grant your children’s wishes be it higher education or even a travel abroad when they are older by investing in a Prarthana Savings Certificate today.

What is a Prarthana Savings Certificate?

  •  NSB Prarthana comes in values of Rs.5,000/=, 10,000/=, 25,000/=, 50,000/= and 100,000/= payable when the child attains the age of 16.
  • Simply pay only a fraction of the face value today but your child would stand to gain the entire face value at 16.
  • Not affected by Interest fluctuations once the certificate is purchased.

How Prarthana Works?

  • Purchase price of the certificate may vary according to the changes in the rate of interest and the age of the child but the face value will remain unchanged.

To invest in a NSB Prarthana Savings Certificate, simply visit your nearest NSB Branch or for more information call us on our 24 hour hotline at +94 11 2 379 379.

NSB offers an unmatched security for the deposits of our customers, being 100% guaranteed by the Government of Sri Lanka.

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