Untitled-2It is a good habit to save a fraction of your hard earned money. We at NSB promise you to safeguard your money and appreciate the value of your savings through our dedication to customer service. NSB offers you a wide variety of savings accounts to choose whatever suits for your lifestyle.


Who can open an Ordinary Savings Account at NSB?

  • Any person who is over the age of 7 years can open a savings account with NSB.
  • You have the option of opening the account as an individual, joint or a minor.
  • NSB savings accounts could be opened in favour of special funds for social organizations as deposits, bank guarantees or legal compensation.


What are the Special Benefits?

  • Interest for a minimum balance of Rs. 100/-
  • Loans against deposits at a lesser interest rate.
  • ATM Master Card/Visa Debit Card/Shopping card facility.
  • 100% government guarantee on all your savings and interest earned thereon.
  • Standing order facility.
  • Interest will be calculated daily and credited to the account monthly.


Salary Earners Savings Account (SESA)

Special Benefits for Salary Earners

Salary Earners Savings Account (SESA) as it is shortened is an account which facilitates salary earners to receive the salary on the same day the salaries are credited to their accounts.

By joining SESA, you are entitled to competitive pawning advances, to pay monthly bills, Withdrawals and purchase of cheques.

You are also entitled to various concessions on loans offered by the Bank.


What are the Special Benefits?

  • The salient feature of this account is free funds transfer to any NSB Account.
  • ATM / MasterCard or Visa Debit / Shopping card which enables you to transact with up to ten accounts.
  • Account holders are entitled to nomination facility.
  • The Interest will be calculated daily and credited to the account monthly.
  • NSB offers 100% Government Guarantee on all your deposits.


For interest rates


For more details contact NSB Call Centre- (+94 11 2379379) 24 Hour Service.