“NSB Buddhi” Personal Loan Scheme for Educational Purposes

This personal loan scheme has been designed to provide assistance to the students who seek local or international higher education either academic or professional.


For what purpose is this loan granted?

A credit facility to the student community for higher educational requirements


Who can obtain ‘NSB Buddhi’?

If you are…..

  • between 18 – 50 years of age.
  • enrolled for a higher education course at a local or foreign university/college/academy or any other higher educational or professional institute, and
  • employed, you can apply for the facility independently
  • or unemployed, you can apply for the loan jointly with the parents or a guardian,

(In the event of a foreign education loan, a joint applicant i.e. parents/ immediate family member who lives in Sri Lanka is compulsory with the principal applicant.)

What is the quantum of the loan that can be obtained?

Depending on..

  • the age,
  • the nature and the fee of the education course chosen
  • the repayment capacity and the security provided

However, when determining the repayment capacity, income of the applicant or the parents of the applicant and the nature of the education course chosen by the applicant will be taken into consideration

Repayment periods

Maximum repayment period depends on the nature of the security provided and will be 5 to 10 years. A grace period also could be arranged accordingly.


A mortgage over an immovable property or two personal guarantors. Parents or one parent along with an immediate family member are compulsory; depending on the nature of the loan.

For Interest Rates

For more details call NSB Call Centre – (+94 11 2379379) 24 Hour Service

A Helping Hand from NSB to Make Your Dream for Higher Education a Reality