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NSB World Thrift Day Celebrations 2023 – A Beautiful Garden; A Strong Economy

In 1924, the World Savings Banks Congress named 31st October every year as the World Thrift Day and National Savings Bank, the only representative bank in Sri Lanka of the World Savings Bank Institute, launches programs to encourage thrift throughout the month of October every year.

This year also, on commemoration of World Thrift Day on October 31, the National Savings Bank is implementing a program to distribute plants with economic value across the island. “A beautiful garden; a strong economy” is the theme. The main purpose of this is to encourage people to frugality through gardening.

Through gardening, it will be possible to use the garden to its maximum usage. This will allow one to meet one’s daily requirement of vegetables and fruits. More importantly, this allows one to consume toxin-free vegetables and fruits. This will lead to a healthy life. While this can be seen as a hobby, it also helps to enhance the beauty of one’s surroundings. Thus, the happiness one gets from seeing the trees and flowers growing in the garden is priceless.

The environmental benefits of gardening are also many. That way one can also contribute to saving the environment.

Arrangements have been made to distribute valuable plants under this program among depositors visiting NSB branches on October 31.

This program is implemented as another phase of the NSB Agroforestry Project. Under this project, National Savings Bank has distributed economically valuable plants and seeds to customers through its branch network since the launch of the 2017 thrift day celebration.

Symbolizing this occasion, Mr. Ajith Peiris, the General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of the National Savings Bank, and Mrs. Anoma Gomes, the Deputy General Manager (Operations) joined the event held at the head office branch of the National Savings Bank.

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