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‘NSB Reach’ takes the bank to your doorstep


As a responsible state bank, National Savings Bank has introduced a new programme to provide banking facilities at your doorstep. The programme named ‘NSB Reach’ has been launched yesterday at the Bank’s Head Office in Colombo and will be implemented through the island wide NSB branch network under the theme,’Your address is our address.’

Earlier our customers had to go to the branch mentioned in their passbooks. Now since the Bank will be coming to the doorstep of the customer with NSB Reach programme it is not necessary for the customer to visit the branch any longer. Accordingly, NSB Reach will be carried out under theme, ‘your address is our address’.


With a branch network of 250 Branches Island wide and the postal banking network offices the Bank expects to strengthen its presence among the people through ‘NSB Reach because that Bank firmly believes that providing banking and financial services to all sectors of the country. The Bank often makes it a point to fulfill this responsibility entrusted to them by paying attention to three major aspects: availability, accessibility and affordability, when delivering banking services to the customer. ‘NSB Reach’ has been designed with greater focus on catering to the banking needs of the people based on these three aspects.


Traditionally the banking hours have been limited to few hours from 9.00 am to 3.00pm. Most often the people who are employed may not have got a chance to go to the Bank during the day time and after work the Bank is closed and the banking services are not available. Thus the availability is essential. It derives the person the opportunity to obtain the expected service. Therefore accessibility is always important. Even if both availability and accessibility is assured people may not be able to afford the services. With lowest initial deposit amounts National Savings Bank often ensures affordability for its customers.


Now though NSB Reach National Savings Bank offers a productive, innovative and satisfactory banking experience featuring all these three aspects as the Bank visits the customer and collects their payments. The bank officers visit all segments of the society including farmers’, teachers’, etc, and all places including mini super markets, small and middle scale industries, and factories. People can also open savings accounts at a day scheduled earlier. A bank officer will visit once a month at a day previously scheduled to collect payments after opening the account.



As the initial stage of the program the customers can only open savings accounts and other banking services will be offered later. The individual customers also can obtain the banking services at their doorstep on a request to the bank.

“NSB Reach” campaign has won the Silver Award at the “Sharing Best Practices and Innovations in Public Administration” Award Ceremony organized by Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA)

As the premier savings bank of the country, the NSB has been reaffirmed the AAA National Long Term rating by Fitch Ratings Lanka for the 14th consecutive year which bears testimony to our financial stability. NSB is the safest place for the savings of the people of this country.

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