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NSB celebrates 48 years of excellence with “Senehase Dayada”

Sri Lanka’s Safest Bank celebrates 48 years of excellence in Banking on the 16th of March 2020 amidst great fanfare and in a unique fashion bringing value to the nation.

NSB “Senehase Dayada” is a celebration of NSB’s founding by granting a reward to each and every child born on the 16th of March 2020 throughout the country, reflecting the value placed upon children who are the future of this country. Every newborn child on 16th of March will be rewarded with a Hapan Account of NSB with a deposit of Rs. 1500/-. Hapan is one of the Pioneer children Savings accounts in Sri Lanka, which was started in year 1999, focusses on giving a secured future for the Children of Sri Lanka with highest deposit interest rate in the Market. “Senehase Dayada” is yet another opportunity by which NSB nurtures the society ensuring the future is protected by a safety net of savings by encouraging thriftiness from childhood with the Hapan Savings account. Being thrifty at a very young age assures that individual a better quality of life free of debt burdens that plague many an individual and the country as a whole.

Main function on NSB “Senehase Dayada” to be held at the Lanka Hospital graced by the Chairperson of NSB Mrs. Keashila Jayawardene, Chairman of Lanka Hospital PLC Dr. Bandula Wijesiriwardhana and distinguished personalities, NSB has ensures the future of the nation’s progeny.

Established on 16th of March 1972 by way of the National Savings Bank Act of Parliament, the NSB was created amalgamating The Ceylon Savings Bank founded in 1832, The Ceylon Post Office Savings Bank established in 1885, The Savings Certificate Section of the Post Master General’s Department founded in 1938 and The Ceylon War Savings Movement established in 1942 during World War II. National Savings Bank’s proud heritage is an ample testament to bringing Banking Innovation to the People. Currently the Bank serves the nation with 258 Branches and more than 4,500 Postal network channels bringing Financial inclusion to the People from every social level.

Over the 48 years of its existence, the National Savings Bank has reached many milestones including achieving Rs. 1 Trillion of Asset Base and Deposit Base as well as being rewarded by many accolades both National and International, the National Savings Bank has transformed itself to a Financial Powerhouse and a leading contributor to the economy at Large.

Being the bank that inculcated the savings habit to the Nation, NSB remains the only Bank in Sri Lanka to offer a 100% Government Guarantee to all depositors for their Capital and the return thereon. The safety and security of people’s savings is paramount to nations survival. Thus, by providing safe options to people to invest on the financial markets remain stable as well as insulated from fraudulent and duplicitous schemes, persons and establishments who aim to defraud depositors of their hard-earned monies.

In keeping abreast of technological developments, the NSB has utilized modern solutions from ATM’s to free internet banking services to provide its patrons with banking services to suit their needs. NSB’s continuous process of embracing digitalization promises to ensure an excellent quality of service for generations to come.

Such unparalleled service to people is the very ethos by which NSB treats all its patrons and the people at large as in the past, the present and future.

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