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Launch of “Where We Save” Island Wide Savings Promotion Campaign with the Unveiling of the NSB Mega Till

The NSB Mega Till was ceremonially launched recently at the NSB Head Office premises, under the auspices of Dr.
Harsha Cabraal Chairperson of NSB accompanied by the Board of Directors and graced by Dr. Nandalal Weerasinghe Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and fellow CBSL officers, Mr. A. A. M. Thassim Assistant Governor of CBSL, Mr. Ajith Peiris, the General Manager / CEO, Senior Deputy General Manager, Deputy General Managers, Assistant General Managers, Regional managers as well as other officers of NSB participated at the event.

The National Savings Bank is an unparalleled savings institution with an inherited legacy of more than a century with the establishment of its precursor the Ceylon Savings Bank in 1832 and more than half a century of excellent
performance in its present guise as the National Savings Bank (NSB) since its inception in 1972, we have strived to
become the nation’s premier savings institution dedicated to inculcating thrift amongst all citizens of this country.

In achieving this noble goal NSB has spared no efforts to enlighten the masses regardless of their social strata to ensure every individual embraces the savings habit and in turn ensure financial prudence.

In celebration of World Thrift Day on 31st October, the NSB has long pioneered the celebration of thrift and frugality
throughout the month of October and naming it the Thrift Month in our corporate calendar.

Since time immemorial the savings till has signified the accumulation of wealth through thrift and frugality both values are the guiding principles of the National Savings Bank and hence the till enshrined within the bank’s logo serves as the very symbol of its pride.

Further, the till enables savings from the lowest monetary unit, thus enhancing its universal ability to appeal to anyone, as a simple tool to create a nest egg over time utilising even a cent as the bare minimum. This ability is unique in its appeal to people from the grass root level to that of elite society to bring forth the sense of savings within them.

Furthermore, by design the till once full provides the saver with a sense of satisfaction which in turn necessitates the
saver to obtain a bigger till, this subtle sentiment leads the saver to invariably think big. The bigger one thinks the
bigger one’s achievement.

It is this sentiment that has driven the NSB to re-launch its most notable NSB Mega Till Island wide Savings Promotion in 2023 to coincide with its Thrift Month Programme.

By re-launching the iconic NSB Mega Till Island wide Savings Promotion, the NSB envisions the parading of the symbolic till across the nation to raise awareness amongst the people and especially grant financial inclusion to those that are deemed unbanked and underbanked within the grassroot levels of society as well as appeal to the more well-off segments of society to embrace the savings culture.

Given the prevailing economic situation of the country, the NSB wishes to contribute to the nations improvement via
increasing domestic savings across a broader leading to both microeconomic as well as macroeconomic benefits to the whole nation.
As with any till, security is of a great concern to the saver without which the purpose of a till may invariably be fulfilled by just any receptacle. Hence, the till gives the saver a sense of security where one can put in coins, but one cannot take it out unless the till is broken, which would be undesirable prior to the till being filled to the brim whence one obtains a larger till.

To this end NSB is proud to be named the Safest Bank in Sri Lanka with a 100% Guarantee on the capital and interest thereon of all funds saved within the bank. This unmatched guarantee is a unique feature of NSB, one which no other banking or financial institution within Sri Lanka can match. With NSB the saga of savings whether it is an individual or the nation, is fulfilled.


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