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Enjoy 10% Bonus top up for SLT-Mobitel Mobile Reloads via NSBPay App

FAQ – 10% Bonus top up on SLT-Mobitel Mobile Reloads & Data plans

  1. What is this offer?

This is a special offer where customers can get 10% bonus reload for SLT-Mobitel reloads when paid using NSB Pay App

2.      How can I get the bonus offer?

A customer can reload his/her SLT-Mobitel prepaid mobile connection via NSB Pay App. to be eligible for the offer.

3.      Who is eligible for this offer?

Only pre-paid customers are eligible for this offer

4.      What is the maximum bonus reload value a customer can get?

A customer can get 10% bonus to reload up to Rs. 500 (Cumulative)

5.      To which mobile number will I receive the bonus reload?

10% bonus reload will be given to the same mobile number for which the initial reload was done.

6.      Will I receive the offer instantly?

The customer will receive the bonus reload within 2 working days.

7.      How will the customer get the bonus reload?

Customers will get the bonus reload for every  RS 100 and the minimum transaction is Rs 100.

Eg : Customers who made reload of Rs 199 will only get the bonus reload for  Rs  100 and customers who made reload of Rs 201 will get bonus reload for Rs 200.


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