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NSB Integrated Annual Report 2022 presented to the His Excellency the President Ranil Wickremesinghe

National Savings Bank, the largest Licenced Specialised Bank in Sri Lanka is pleased to present its Integrated Annual Report themed “Strengthening our Mettle” reflecting its performance within the framework of the economy and its relationship to the social and environmental facets. At our core, we are an institution committed to fostering a healthy, sustainable, and secure savings protocol for all people of the Nation. Today, the Bank is  one of the strongest and safest financial institutions in the country.


In the concept of concise communication about the Bank’s performance, strategy, governance and the prospects in the context of its external environment, the report contains comprehensive insights about managing capital inputs and value creation process over the short, medium and long term towards its stakeholders and a detailed analysis of the Bank’s corporate governance, risk management practices and statutory reports along with external auditor’s opinion and annual financial statements for the year ended 31st December 2022. The Annual Report of National Savings Bank 2022 was officially presented to His Excellency, the President Ranil Wickremesinghe, the Minister of Finance, Economic Stabilization, and National Policy, by the new Chairman of NSB, President’s Counsel, Dr Harsha Cabral and the General Manager/CEO, Mr Ajith Pieris on 1st June 2023 at the Presidential Secretariat.


We are navigating through a combination of challenges of internal and external drivers, interdependencies and trade-offs that influence our ability to create value for our stakeholders in the short, medium and long term. NSB rose to the fore amidst these unprecedented challenges faced by Sri Lanka in 2022, delivering a stable performance for its stakeholders and supporting its customers during turbulent times to build confidence and ensure financial security.  The Bank is geared up to deliver sustainable performance under the strong leadership of the new Chairman, President’s Counsel, Dr Cabral with an approach towards excelling in digitalization.


Being the only Sri Lankan bank with a 100% Government Guarantee for its depositors’ money and interest therein, NSB has been assigned AAA rating by Lanka Rating Agency (Pvt) Limited, hence hailed as the safest place for saving. Firmly rooted in the national economy as the Savings Giant, the main objective of NSB is to inculcate savings habits, providing retail as well as corporate loans for customers who need financial assistance and contribute to nation building by funding long-term development projects and other socio-economic projects of the country. We serve customers that come from all segments of Sri Lankan society and our leading products are aimed at catering all banking needs of different age groups from the infants to the elderly.

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