SMS Message Sample Formats

To Change PIN: CHANGEPIN<space>Acc No<space>PIN No
eg: CHANGEPIN<space>123456789012<space>1234


To Balance Inquiry: CHECK<space>Acc No<space>PIN no
eg: CHECK<space>123456789012<space>1234


To Fund Transfer: TRANSFER<space>From Acc No<space>PIN
No<space>Amount<space>To Account
eg: TRANSFER<space>123456789012 1234<space>1000<space>101234567890


To Pay Utility Bill: PAYBILL<space>Acc No<space>PIN No<space>Amount
Paid<space>Bill Type<space>Bill No
eg: PAYBILL<space>123456789012<space>1234<space>1050.25<space>CEB


SMS should sent to +94(0) 11 4 373 100

For more details contact NSB Call Centre- (+94 11 2 379379) 24 Hour Service