What are the accounts available to deposit foreign currency?

  • NRFC account – Non Resident Foreign Currency
  • RFC account – Resident Foreign Currency
  • SFIDA account – Special Foreign Investment Deposit

You can open Ranmasu NRFC/RFC accounts in USD (US Dollars), EURO, GBP (Grate Britain Pounds) , AUD (Australian Dollars) and JPY (Japanese Yen)

Who can open a NRFC account?

  • Sri Lankans employed abroad, while they are abroad.
  • Sri Lankans who have worked abroad, within 90 days of their return to Sri Lanka.
  • Sri Lankans who are holding NRFC accounts with any other bank( by transferring funds)

Who can open a RFC account?

  • Sri Lankans resident in Sri Lanka

What are the types of NRFC/RFC accounts that can be opened?

Savings Accounts:

This is an interest bearing account. Interest is computed on the minimum balance for the month and credited to the account at the end of the year. A statement of account is mailed at the end of June and December in lieu of the passbook. An advice will be mailed for all remittances, drafts and payment orders deposited to the account. Funds could be withdrawn when required.

  • Minimum initial deposit for NRFC – USD 25 or equivalent and JPY 3,000
  • Minimum initial deposit for RFC – USD 100 or equivalent, AUD 150 and JPY 12,000


Fixed Deposits:

This is an Interest bearing account. Interest is calculated from the open or renewal date and paid at maturity. Fixed deposits are accepted for periods of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. A fixed deposit receipt is issued for each deposit. Provision for automatic renewal of the deposit at maturity together with the interest earned or payment of interest and renewal of the principal amount only

  • Minimum initial deposit for NRFC& RFC – USD 500, EUR 500, GBP 500, AUD 500, JPY 60,000

Accounts can be opened in individual or joint.

What are the required documents to open a NRFC account?

Savings Accounts:


Fixed Deposits:


How to open a Ranmasu NRFC account?

  • Before going abroad, visit the International Division or any branch of NSB, complete the account opening forms and obtain an account number. A Ranmasu NRFC card that contains details required for remitting funds will be issued. On receipt of the first remittance, the account would be activated.
  • If someone is already abroad, send us a letter or telephone us requesting an account opening form. The forms will be mailed to the given address. The form is also available on our website too. On receipt of the completed form together with draft / remittance, the account would be opened and a Ranmasu NRFC card mailed to account holders. A person may open more than one account


What are the required documents to open a RFC account?

Savings Accounts:


What are the currencies that can be deposited to a NRFC/RFC account?

Although the currency of account is USD/EUR/GBP/AUD/JPY other designated foreign currencies are accepted as deposits to accounts.

How does the interest rates and taxes affect to the earnings?

Rates of interest on Ranmasu NRFC/RFC savings accounts will depend on market rates and are subject to change without notice. Interest on Ranmasu NRFC Fixed deposit accounts will be quoted on the date of deposit/renewal based on market rates. Interest is credited in the currency in which you maintain the account.

  • Interest earned on Ranmasu NRFC/RFC accounts are exempted from income tax.


How the deposits can be made?

  • Bank Drafts / International Money Orders / Payment Orders.
  • Mail / Telegraphic / Electronic Transfers.
  • Travellers Cheques & Foreign Currency Notes brought by the account holder.


How to withdraw cash from the NRFC/ RFC account?

Payments in Sri Lankan Rupees

  • On personal application.
  • To third parties (account transfers) on written instructions from account holder.


Transfer of funds in Rupees.

  • To own account with any NSB branch or any other bank.
  • To third parties with any NSB branch or any other bank.
  • Bank Drafts / International Money Orders / Payment Orders.
  • Mail / Telegraphic / Electronic Transfers.
  • Travellers Cheques & Foreign Currency Notes brought by the account holder.


How to remit money?

Obtain a draft/remittance favouring NSB A/C (Name with Initials) – Account number and send it to the International Division of NSB by electronic transfer via SWIFT / EUROGIRO or through affiliated exchange houses.

Through NSB Representatives
Through Correspondent banks / Agents

What are the benefits offered by NSB

  • Free of charge standing order facility for transfer of funds to the rupee accounts of NSB.
  • Rupee loan up to 80% (fixed deposits) of the balance at an attractive interest rate.
  • Issuance of bank draft and execution of telegraphic transfers.
  • Provision for nomination.
  • Savings account balances could be transferred to fixed deposits.

How you can check your Account :

To register in Internet banking

Application Form
Terms & Conditions form

To sign in


For interest rates


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NSB Call Centre: +94 11 2379379 (24 hours service)




The information provided hereon is based on current regulations and is subject to change without notice. (31.12.2009)

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