Untitled-2When the Post Office Savings Bank was established in 1885, this institute was able to expand its mission of inculcating savings habit of the savings culture, through the Post Office Savings Banking system. It helped to spread the savings habit among wider segment of the population.

Post office savings bank was amalgamated to NSB and the postal savings account system provided the facility to the account holders to operate their accounts from the nearest post office, sub post office decentralized postal banking branches and selected NSB branches.

The Postal savings interest rate is 1% more than the NSB ordinary savings pass book savings interest rate.

You have the convenience of depositing any amount of cash and withdraw from any post office or postal banking outlet island wide.


What is the limit for cash withdrawal from the Postal Banking Account?

Super grade post office : a maximum of Rs 40,000/-
Main post office : a maximum of Rs. 25,000/-
Sub post office : a maximum of Rs15,000/-
Customers can also withdraw any amount of cash over computerized post offices.


What are the types Postal Banking Accounts?

  • Postal Savings A/c
  • Thepal Hapan A/c
  • Sthree Thepal A/c


For interest rates

For more details contact NSB Call Centre- (+94 11 2379379) 24 Hour Service