PFCA / IIA online account opening instructions

  1. Please complete the PFCA / IIA application form.
  2. Submit it.
  3. We will acknowledge the same to your given email address.
  4. Please place your signature/s on the print out and submit with a scanned copy of your passport.
  5. We will inform you the PFCA / IIA account number.
  6. Mail this application along with the completed KYC form / Fax and E-Mail Indemnity Form (refer Downloads)and a copy of the passport page

PFCA Online Application

IIA Online Application


  • Sri Lankans employed abroad, while they are abroad.
  • Sri Lankans who have worked abroad, within 90 days of their return to Sri Lanka.
  • Sri Lankans who hope to go for foreign employment

Information for dual citizenship holders


For Interest rates

For more details contact NSB Call Centre – ( +94 11 2379379) 24 Hour Service