Untitled-2“Ithuru Mithru for the future leaders of our nation.”

This account is specially designed for youth between the ages of 16-30 years.


What are the unique benefits?

The interest you earn is 0.5% more than the normal savings account interest rate.

You will receive an attractive ‘Ithuru Mithuru’ pass book specially designed to appeal to your age group and so compact that it fits perfectly into your pocket.

You can open an ‘Ithuru Mithuru’ account with just Rs.100/- at any NSB branch.

You should not waste any more your time. Open an “Ithuru Mithuru” account and reap all the benefits, while saving for your secure future at the same time.

    • ATM / MasterCard or Visa Debit / Shopping Card facility.
    • Standing Order facility.
    • Loan against savings up to 80% of the deposit.
    • Education loan scheme for students.
    • Loan scheme for students to purchase Laptops / Desktops.

With “Ithuru Mithuru” you will have the world in your pocket!

For interest rates

For more details call NSB Call Centre- (+94 – 11 2379379) 24 Hour Service