National Savings Bank offers you housing loan facilities with many special features to enable you to make your dream home a reality.

Appearing hereunder are answers to some of the questions, which may have crossed your mind when contemplating for a housing loan.


For what purposes are the loans granted?

“Loans are available for all Housing Needs.”

  • To construct or purchase a house
  • To purchase a block of land to build a house.
  • To complete construction of a new house or for extensions/repairs to an existing house.
  • To repay a loan obtained from a recognized financial institution for housing purposes.


Who can obtain a housing loan?

If you are …..

  • a permanent employee
  • an income-tax payer
  • employed abroad
  • self-employed


What is the quantum of loan that can be obtained?

Limit is yours….Depending on …..

  • Your repayment capacity
  • age
  • value of the property
  • purpose


What is the applicable interest rate?

“The lowest interest rate in the market”

The rate of interest applicable will vary according to the quantum of loan and the prevailing market rate of interest .We assure you that our interest rate is comparatively low, fixed/ floating and always reasonable.
Interest is calculated on the reducing balance method.


Ge–Dora (Special Scheme)

What is this special loan scheme?

  • This scheme facilitates you to pay only the interest portion of the loan within first 5 years.
  • Also enables you to obtain a higher loan amount.

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