You can deposit or withdraw cash from your savings accounts at any time anywhere by using our ATM network of 280 ATMs. NSB MasterCard or Visa Debit cards will facilitate to transact among your own 10 linked savings accounts. NSB MasterCard or Visa Debit card holders will be able to use their cards for daily purchases at 27.3 million merchant locations and more than 2 million ATM’s worldwide, where Visa, MasterCard or Mastro logos are displayed. Without keeping cash in your wallet and having to worry about their safety, you can now purchase your daily needs with NSB MasterCard or Visa Debit cards. You can apply for any type of debit card as you wish from NSB branch where you opened your savings account.

Please ensure that get your card activated before using for the first time.

For more details contact NSB Call Centre-( +94 – 112379379) 24 Hour Service