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SMS & Phone Banking Facility

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Banking is now at your fingertips with NSB SMS & Phone Banking.

SMS facility has been introduced to provide banking facilities to customers who use any mobile network to access their bank accounts and carry out their transactions with convenience.

How can I get registered?

You can collect an application form from any NSB branch; duly fill it and handover to the NSB branch where the primary savings account is held. After the verification process you will receive a SMS message with essential log in procedures.

What are the services available?

  • Check Savings Account balances.

  • Transfer funds to other accounts held by the customer and also to any third party account held at NSB.

  • Pay Bills/ Insurance Premiums/ Credit Card payments etc. of Institutions which have arrangements with the Bank.

  • Receipt of SMS alerts.


In addition to the SMS banking facility, customers can utilize any fixed land line telephone with “Tone Technology” to carry out the Tele Banking facility simultaneously. CDMA telephones can, however, are used for both SMS banking and Phone banking. The customer will be guided through the Tele banking process, once he/ she dials the assigned telephone number, which is different from the SMS telephone number.

For more details contact NSB Call Centre- (+94 11 2 379379) 24 Hour Service

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