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1 Al Rajhi Banking and Investment Corporation Head Office, Aqaria No 3, Olayya Main Road, P O Box 28, Riyadh 11411, Saudi Arabia
Central Region
1 Tahweel Al Rajhi - Batha  Bushra bin rahma Street
2 Tahweel Al Rajhi -Al Wazarat Abdulrahman bin hasan Road
3 Tahweel Al Rajhi - Al Balad Aatha main Street
4 Tahweel Al Rajhi - Al Badea Madina Road
5 Tahweel Al Rajhi-  Naseem  Saad bin abi wgas Street
6 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Al Kharj King saud Road
7 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Sulaimaniya Princ mamdouh bint abdulaziz Street
8 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Malaz Omar bin abdulaziz Street
9 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Aswaq Al Shamal  Ibnsana Street
10 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Prince Salman Street Princ Salman Street
11 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Umm Al Hamam UM ALHAMMAM Street
12 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Hai Al Quds Khaled bin AlWaleed Street
13 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Transport Batha  Street
14 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Olaya  Olaya  Street
15 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Wadi Al Dawasir  Main Street
16 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Manfouha  Manfouha Main Street
17 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Hai Al Safarat AL-KINDDI SQUARE
18 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al Shemaisy Princ abdul aziz bin mohamed Street
19 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Bin Sulaiman  AL BATHA MAIN Street
20 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al Aflaj  King Abdalaziz Street 
21 Tahweel Al Rajhi- King Abdalla Road King Abdalla Road
22 Tahweel Al Rajhi-AL-Madina AL-Sinaiyah AL Madina AL Senaeyah (504)St
23 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al Aswaq  Bushra bin rahma Street
24 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Hai Badr Al-Siteen Street
25 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Hai Alkhalig Princ Bandar Street
26 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Hai Alsalam Al emam al shafee Street
27 Tahweel Al Rajhi-  Alnazim Mmarmar Street
28 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al Qowyah AL Qowyah Main Road
29 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Dhuruma Dhuruma Main Road
30 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al Sahna Main Street
31 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Sahat Al Adel Entrancc Of Carpets Market
32 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Hotat Bani Tameem Al Hellah main Street
33 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Twaq Belal BinBabah Street
34 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al Sa'adah Jakarta  Street
35 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Almuzahmiyah King Abdalaziz  Road
36 Tahweel Al Rajhi-AL-Daraiyah King Abdalaziz  Road
37 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Huraimela King Abdalaziz  Road
38 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al-Rabee Al rabee Neighborhood - King Abdalaziz  Road
39 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al-Sharafiah Princ satam bin abdalaziz Street
40 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al-Dhabab Street Abu baker Alrazi Street
41 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al-Aziziah Riyadh Al Naser Street
Western Region
42 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Jeddah King Abdulaziz Street
43 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al Makrona Makarona Street
44 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al Bawadi  Makarona Street
45 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Bin Laden  Bin Laden Street
46 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Sharafiya Al-Sitteen Street
47 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Heraa Hiraa Street
48 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Petromin  Television Street
49 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Rabegh Kahraba Street
50 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al Samer  Al-Samer Street
51 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al Cornish King Abdulaziz Street
52 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al Laith King Abdulaziz Street
53 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Sitteen Street Al-Sitteen Street
54 Tahweel Al Rajhi- AL-Arbaeen St AL-Arbaeen Street
55 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al Gawaizah Al-Harmain Road
56 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Thuwal Main Street
57 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Palastine Street Palastine Street
58 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Synaiah Jeddah Street  Number  30
59 Tahweel Al Rajhi-kilo 14 The old Makkah , Jeddah Road
Eastern Region
60 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al Khobar FIRST Street 
61 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Dammam KING SAUD BIN ABDULAZIZ Street
62 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Jubail JEDDAH Street
63 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Hafouf  AL KUT Street
64 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Mokhatat 91 ABU BAKER AL SDEQ Street
65 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Thoqba MAKKAH Street
66 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Hafr Al Baten KING ABDUL AZIZ BIN SAUD Street
67 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Ras Tanoura  KHAMSEEN Street
68 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Jalawiya  KING SAUD BIN ABDULAZIZ Street
69 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al Mobarraz  PRINCE ABDULLAH BIN GLWE Street
70 Tahweel Al Rajhi- ALkhafjy  KING ABDUL AZIZ BN SAUD Street
71 Tahweel Al Rajhi-AL-Khobar AL-Janoubiyah KING FHAD BN ABDULAZIZ Street
72 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al Nairiyah  KING FHAD BN ABDULAZIZ Street
73 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Abqaiq Al-Hafouf Street - Hai Al Madina - abqaiq
74 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al Souq King Khaled Road
75 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al Qatif Ali bin Abe Taleb Street
76 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Synaiah Jubail JEDDAH Street
77 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Qaria Alaulia PRINCE  Mohamed bin FHAD Street
Qassim & Hail  Region
78 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Buraida  King abdulaziz Road ( alkhubib befor )
79 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Hail  King khaled Street
80 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Al Bakiriya  King abdulaziz Road
81 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Al Majma'a  KING FAHAD Road
82 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Onaizah MADINA Road
83 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Al Dawadmi  Arja road industrial area
84 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Al Rass  King abdelaziz Street
85 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Al Sadah  Center hospetal Street
86 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Afif  King abdelaziz Street
87 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Shaqra  King abdelaziz Street
88 Tahweel Al Rajhi-ALHAMRA Othman Bn afan Street
89 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Senaiya Hail QASSIM Road
90 Tahweel Al Rajhi- King Abdalaziz Road  King abdulaziz Road
91 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Oyon Algawa King abdul aziz Street
92 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Sager Main Street
93 Tahweel Al Rajhi- AL-Muznab King abdulaziz Road
94 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Al-Zulfi Princ Salman Street
95 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al-Badaye King Abdalaziz  Road
Madina & North Region
96 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Al Madinah  King fisal Street
97 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Yanbu  Omlog Street
98 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Tabuk  Abdualah ben fisal Street
99 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Al Haram  King abdualaziz Street
100 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Al Emara  Main Street
101 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Qoba Quba al nazel Street
102 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Al Gorayat  Tabuk Street
103 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Arar  Main Street
104 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Al Jouf  King fahad Street (Main) -new center
105 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Gurban Qurpan al nazel Street
106 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Sultanh Abu bakor al sseddeg Street
107 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Aziziya Almadina Al gameat Street
108 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Deba King Khaled Road
109 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Badr Main Street
110 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Mahd Al Dahab Main Street
111 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Umleg King  Abdulaziz  Street
112 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Rafha King fisal Street (Main)
113 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Tabargal King fisal Street 
114 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al-Wajh The municipal Street
Abha & Tuhama Region
115 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Khamis Mushait  King Fahad Street
116 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Abha  City Street
117 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Jizan  Brens Sultan Street
118 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Najran Main Street
119 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Mahail  King Abdullah Street
120 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Ahad Refaida  King Khaleed Street
121 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Sabia City Street
122 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Al Qunfuza  Alhatef Street
123 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Dhabab Alhzam Street
124 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Tanomah Main Street
125 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Sharorah Faisliah Street
126 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Baish Abha/Jazan Rd
127 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Abu Areesh King abdul aziz Street
128 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Samtah Main Street
129 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al darb Main Street
130 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Al Eidaby Main Street
131 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Dahran Al-Janoub Najran Khames Mushet Road
132 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Al-Majardah Main Street
Makkah & Taif Region
133 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Makkah ALHARAM Street
134 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Taif  SHUBRA Street
135 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Al Baha  AL AQIQ Street
136 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al Masfala IBRAHUM ALKHALIL Street 
137 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Abdullah Areef  ABDULLAH AREEF Street
138 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Aziziya AL AZIZIYA Street
139 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Al-Faisaliah IRPORT Street
140 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Bisha  AL RIYADH Street
141 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Shehar  SHEHAR Street 
142 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Jabal AL-Nour ALSAIL Street 
143 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Al Shohada HASSAN BIN THABIT Street
144 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Sabt Alalaya GENERAL  Street
145 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Belgorashy KING SAUD  Street
146 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Al Zaher ALMADINA Street
147 Tahweel Al Rajhi-Almekhwah Main Street
148 Tahweel Al Rajhi- Ranyah Main Street
Year 5 Scholarship winner 80th Ridee Rekha Results Hapan - Annual Draw 2013 Ithuru Mithuru - First Half Yearly Draw 2013 NSB Branch to Dankotuwa Informing of Fraudulent Activities
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